Rainy Day Reads

As a college student, I found myself plagued with mandatory readings from less than desirable textbooks. I tried to combat my thirst for a good book by forcing myself to curl up with a book of choice every night before bed. Not surprisingly, I found myself burnt out by bedtime and drifting off within a few pages. So when I got home for the summer, reading was on the top of my to-do list. Library card in hand and a few books in mind, I started my reading list. If you have literary commitment issues, and have a hard time getting tied down to a book like me, libraries are the place for you. Plus, the books are free! Nothing a broke college student loves more, but I digress.

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Last week my friend Sarah and I found ourselves with a rainy day off work, so where else would we go than a coffee shop? We puttered over to Passenger in Lancaster for a cup of coffee and cozy spot, and I brought my current reads to snuggle up with.

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I am a self-proclaimed book dabbler and find myself invested in multiple books at the same time. Although my whole current reading list is not present, I decided to show off my top rotation. Maybe you’ll even find a read that sparks your interest!

+My Paris Dream 

This book is my current obsession, and one I actually found from another blogger. As a girl who has been entranced by Paris since I can remember, I found myself living vicariously through 80’s Kate Betts as she finds her footing in the city of love. The current editor at large of Time magazine, Kate Betts, shares her romantic memoir that will dazzle you as you watch her dream life materialize through hard work and perseverance. I highly recommend to any over-achieving college gal looking for a little inspiration!

+One Hundred Years of Solitude

I stumbled upon this book after my Spanish professor recommended the book in class. Part of my “read more” bucket list also included actively pursuing classics. I have been neglecting this novel the most, so I can only expand briefly. The famous 1967 Columbian novel tells the story about the Buendías, a family living in the town they founded, Macondo. The family lives in isolation for many years until coming in contact with other towns which leads to civil war. Although this book is not something I would normally choose, it’s definitely a good one to expand your horizons.


I am by no means a science person, and before this book my knowledge on Einstein spanned E = MC². After keeping up with the National Geographic show Genuis about Einstein, I became intrigued with his life. This biography sheds light on the man Einstein was, from his personal life to his pacifist views and life as a jew in the years preceding World War II. If history and social issues interest you, this biography is quick, painless, and a worthwhile read about one of the most famous men in history.


All hail the Queen of the #Girlbosses, Tina Fey! If you’re a Fey fan, you can’t miss out on her short, hilarious biography about her rise from amateur comedian to a role model for strong-willed women everywhere. Laugh it off with Tina if you have some free time for this clever, concise read.

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Now, no post is complete without a little #ootd. This rainy day in July called for me to break out my new girlfriend jeans from the Gap. I hate jeans and jean shopping just as much as the next person, but these have become my new holy grail jeans! ~so comfy

My Stan Smith’s go with me everywhere when I need a classic, casual, comfortable outfit. I am by no means ~trendy, but these shoes are practical and on trend!

Peeking in the back is my trusty Longchamp which I could praise forever, but I will spare you.

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Phew! Thanks for baring with me as I share my July reads. I hope to have piqued your interest in some good reads. Check out your local library and maybe even pick up some of my suggestions above. Enjoy & happy reading!


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For the longest time I have been thinking about starting a blog. I’ve written numerous posts in my head, stewed in Starbucks for hours, grappled with graphics, and almost launched a blog at least half a dozen times.

After coming home from college for the summer, I realized I needed a creative outlet more than ever since my hectic college schedule had come to a screeching halt. Armed with a DSLR and some free time, I am finally beginning my blog!

No better place to start documenting than at my favorite (and most aesthetically pleasing) place–Central Market. My best friend Sarah and I make weekly trips to Central Market to satisfy our caffeine addiction, and explore the expanding blocks of boutiques and hidden courtyards.

This past visit we stubbled upon a courtyard cafe full of charm, and thankfully, iced coffee too. On this casual Sunday I came prepared with my go-to tote, sunnies, and a classic leather watch. All three are necessities that I never leave that house without. Not to mention my lovely anchor necklace, that Sarah actually got me, that goes with everything and is perfectly minimalistic. Investing in timeless staple wardrobe pieces is something I strive to do, and stress as well. You can never go wrong with the classics!

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